Our Agenda

PAIO Footwear and Accessories LLP was founded with one simple agenda – to create cruelty-free, sustainable, and conscious fashion with strong design elements inspired by everything around us, while making sure each product is oh-so-comfortable!


Each product at PAIO is carefully handcrafted by traditional karigars who have inherited & perfected their craft since generations. This not only supports the broader community, but also keeps their craft alive.


PAIO is a PETA-approved vegan brand. Since our inception, we have taken a conscious decision to stay away from leather or any such product that would harm animals. We strongly believe that fashion need not come at the cost of a precious life. Instead, we focus on using a variety of materials like faux-leather, hemp, cotton, jute, faux-silks and constantly experiment with newer materials. Not only are they cruelty-free, but also beautiful, raw and comfortable!


At PAIO, we are constantly ideating and experimenting to take every component of each product more sustainable. Whether it is about innovating raw materials, pasting technologies, packaging, or anything else, it is our constant endeavor to take PAIO one step closer to sustainability!

PAIO x 5RCycle Foundation

To take this initiative further, we have now collaborated with 5RCycle Foundation for an on-going social drive. 5RCycle Foundation aims at creating a zero-waste management system, and through that also promotes the conservation of our environment, wildlife, and aquatic life. They are incorporating a 4-step process before people even think about the fifth ‘R’- Recycling. The 4 R’s that they follow are: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Repurpose.

As a footwear brand, we are aware of the amount of post-consumption footwear that reaches landfills and are hoping to create a solution for the same. This donation drive will ensure that all footwear & clothing items we receive, will be repurposed by those at 5RCycle & Greensole & donated to those in need! A percentage of proceeds from these sales will be donated to the foundation. We invite you to dig into your closets and send us those old unused clothing or footwear to the address below. These items will be refurbished by those at 5RCycle & GreenSole, and gifted to those in need, giving new life to shoes that would have probably ended up in landfills! We will also send across a discount voucher as a token of our appreciation, for joining us in this effort of reducing waste, and making our planet a tiny bit better!
Address for donation - PAIO Footwear and Accessories LLPAntop Hill Warehousing Complex, C-032, Wadala E, Mumbai 400037.


One of our core philosophies behind the genesis of PAIO was to create a platform that provides sustenance to extremely skilled, yet ignored, local artisans. Fast fashion has unfortunately forgotten the magic that traditional Indian karigars can create with their hands. We take great pride in the beautiful products our karigars make, and the positive impact that our choices have towards the community and their craft.