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Design Advice

1. How are the shoes made?

All PAIO shoes are hand-crafted in our factory in Mumbai, using the finest vegan leathers and fabrics.

2. Can you help me design my wedding shoes?

We custom design wedding shoes for brides every week! We ideally love to meet the bride (you) and sit down with you and your wedding outfit designer to create a shoe that matches your bridal embroidery!

3. Can you create shoes with less heels or more heels?

We custom make shoes with heights as low as ½ inch heels to as high as 5 inch heels. Take your pick!

4. How do we measure the height of my heels?

Find a measuring tape. Hold the shoe in one hand. Place the tape at the top of the heel and stretch it all the way down to the heel cap.

If you do not have a tape, you can use a ruler. Place your shoe on a flat surface and hold the ruler up against the shoe and measure the length in inches.

5. Can I get stitching to NOT match my shoes?

We usually try and match the stitching to the material selected. However, if you require, we are more than happy to use a contrast colour to stitch your shoes for you!

6. Can I add my own text of logo to the shoes?

We can add any text you like to the shoes? For this we would require a word document from you for the text required. Please email this to us on with your order number. Please note, this request will come at an additional charge and time requirement.

7. Can I change/reduce the heel height of my current shoe?

Once a shoe is made, it is fitted to that heel height. While it is possible to change the heel of the shoe (pencil heel into a block heel), it is NOT possible to change the heel height of the shoe. It would make more sense to simply create a new one.


1. My shoes are tight. What should I do?

If the shoes are extremely tight, please get in touch with our customercare team for a remake.

If the shoes are slightly tight, wear them at home with socks. Alternatively, try stretching them. This will help to make them wearable more quickly.

2. How do I walk in 6 inch towering heels?

Unfortunately the best way is to practice, practice and practice some more.

When wearing heels, remember one rule, the heel must touch the ground first, followed by the front of the shoe.

3. I have flat feet/blisters on my feet. Can you make shoes for me?

Since our shoes are handcrafted and custom made, we can modify each shoe for the wearer. For women suffering from flat feet, we are happy to add an arch as required. In other cases, we make sure our shoes are stuffed with extra cushioning to make them super comfortable.


1. What sizes do you offer?

For our collections we offer sizes from 35 to 40 i.e U K 2 to UK 6. However, with custom orders, we can cater to sizes from 33 to 44 i.e UK 1 to UK 8.

2. How do I know which size to select?

Please refer to our size chart and our sizing guide to find your size.


1. Can I get a sample of the material?

Unfortunately, it won't be possible for us to courier a sample across to you. However, we are happy to share images of the material and shoes made using the same material with you.

2. What material options are there?

We use vegan leathers and other fabrics locally available for crafting our shoes. We have materials available in plain matte leathers to snakeskin leathers and printed leathers to colourful fabrics and embroidered fabrics.


1. How do you ship the shoes?

We have a tie-up with a national courier service.

2. Do you offer an express ship option?

If required, we can ship the shoes to you within a day. If you are based in the same city, we offer a same day delivery at an additional cost.

3. How long will my shoes take?

If you have ordered a pair from our collection, the delivery time should be around 2-4 days. The express delivery will reach you within a day.

For custom orders, we take around 10-15 working days for the shoes.

For an express delivery, we can have them at your doorstep within 7 days at an additional cost.

4. How do I track my shoes?

Once the shoes are shipped, we will update the tracking ID on our website and send you an email notification of the same.

2. Where are my shoes made?

ALL PAIO shoes are handcrafted in our factory in Mumbai, India.


1. How do I care for my shoes?

We want you to take care of your shoes. We provide a soft cotton shoe bag along with all our shoes. The best way to store them is in the shoe bag along with a small silicone pouch to absorb the moisture.

2. What do I do if the material becomes dirty?

As with all footwear, they do get dirty. The best way is to wipe them clean with a wet white cloth. Make sure the cloth is white, so that the colour does not come off the shoes. If the shoes are still dirty, add some vinegar in water and use it to clean any stains off the shoes.

Alternatively you can send the shoes to a shoe laundry in your city and have them cleaned thoroughly.

Gift Certificates

1. Do you sell gift certificates?

We do sell gift certificates. These certificates are valid for one year from the date of purchase. These certificates cannot be exchanged for cash.

2. How do I use my gift certificate?

You can use this certificate to purchase shoes from our collection or design your own shoes. In the checkout section, add the coupon number mentioned on your gift certificate to avail the discount.

3. What if the cost of the shoes is higher than the amount on my gift certificate?

If the cost of the shoe is higher than the amount mentioned on your gift certificate, we will deduct the amount of the gift certificate from the total MRP of the shoes and charge you only the balance.

4. What happens if I don’t use my gift certificate in one go?

Don’t worry, if you shop for an amount lesser than that of your gift certificate, we will make sure the balance is credited to your next purchase, as long as its with in the year of purchase (of the certificate).


1. I am having some difficulty logging in. What do I do?

In case you are having difficulty logging in, try clicking on the ‘forgot your password’ option and re-set your password. If this does not work, please get in touch with us on

2. I am having some difficulty in loading the 3D designer. What do I do?

We sometimes face issues as most workplaces block external sites. However, incase you are facing this difficulty at home, please do let us know on

3. How do I unsubscribe?

We are sorry to hear that, but we completely understand. You can click on the unsubscribe button below your email, or login to your PAIO account and unsubscribe to our emails from here.

PAIO Boutique

1. Does PAIO have a store that we can visit?

We currently stock with various boutiques namely:

Peppermint Diva – Kolkata

Paperboat Collective – Goa

COMO – Goa

Collage – Bangalore

We also have our studio space in Mumbai. If you are a resident of Mumbai, we would be happy send across our shoe assistant to your home to help you design your shoes!

If you are a resident of any of these above cities, please do visit these stores!

For the rest of the country, fret not! We do several exhibitions a year. We are also available online with other retailers such as Flipkart, Amazon and Jaypore!

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