Flat Mules

Style up your look with our range of mule shoes! One of our favourite trends is to wear mule footwear with nearly everything! A mule shoe is a style of shoe that has no back or constraint around the foot's heel. Browse through the collection of women's mule shoes for an unparalleled array of styles and trend-led designs. From peep-toe mules to tassel mule flat shoes, buy flat mules in a diverse range of materials and colours suitable for all occasions.

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    1. PAIo227-39

      Estelle Silver Slip On Flats

      Rs. 2,500
    2. PAIO217-39

      Kristen Grey Tassel Slip on Mules

      Rs. 2,800
    3. PAIO203-39

      Jane Cream Sandals

      Rs. 2,400
    4. PAIO194-39

      Barak Black Mules

      Rs. 2,400
    5. PAIO187-39

      Grace Multi Slip-Ons

      Rs. 2,200
    6. PAIO185-39

      Brea Brown Slip Ons

      Rs. 2,500
    7. PAIO184-39

      Aria Tan Mules

      Rs. 2,600
    8. PAIO183-39

      Cora Green Mules

      Rs. 2,400
    9. PAIO122-39

      Ashley Fabric Mules

    10. PAIO121-39

      Tiffany Green Slip On Flats

      Rs. 2,000
    11. PAIO118-39

      Venus Cream Mules

    12. PAIO117-39

      Blaise Purple Mules

      Rs. 1,700
    13. PAIO115-39

      Sanjo Black Slip Ons

    14. PAIO169-39

      Sisily Gold Mules

      Rs. 2,800
    15. PAIO173-39

      Dora Printed Mules

      Rs. 2,400
    16. PAIO180-39

      Rebekah Cream Slip-Ons

      Rs. 2,400
    17. PAIo178-39

      Gus Multi Slip Ons

      Rs. 2,400
    18. PAIO177-39

      Kenny Gold Slip-Ons

      Rs. 2,400
    19. PAIo132-39

      Zari Red Flat Sandals

      Rs. 1,800
    20. PAIo135-39

      Jeffa Slip Ons

      Rs. 2,500
    21. PAIo175-39

      Ilko Pink Slip-On

      Rs. 2,400
    22. PAIO167-39

      Pixie Blue Slip Ons

      Rs. 2,400
    23. PAIO164-39

      Cami Cream Slip On Flats

      Rs. 2,400
    24. PAIO163-39

      Sanjo Brown Slip On Flats

      Rs. 2,400
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    Items 1-24 of 44

    per page

    Offering a perfect blend of style and sensibility, flat mule shoes are a girl's best friend, particularly when the weather warms up. Slip into a pair of mule shoes eased with a dress for an easy summer elegance, or match our mule heels with short shorts and a printed tee for a festive-ready look. PAIO has a wide range of mule footwear, meaning we'll always have the latest looks for your feet. Shop women's mule shoes online at PAIO .

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