Why Should You Consider Buying Vegan Footwear? - PAIO

The vegan fashion industry has moved from being niche to mainstream as fashionistas increasingly choose to make vegan lifestyle choices.The industry is growing steadily, with new vegan shoe brands entering the market each year. Be it heels, boots, flats or mules vegan footwear is increasingly gaining popularity among consumers. 

What is vegan?

Veganism is defined as a lifestyle or practice aimed at producing various apparels, food, jewellery  etc. avoiding all forms of cruelty and exploitation of animals. It supports the development and use of animal-free options for the benefit of people, animals and the environment. 

Benefits of vegan shoes.

  • Nature of raw materials
  • Post pandemic, there is a consistent trend noticed towards embracing ethical and sustainable raw materials. Most leather products are made from the hides of sheep, pigs, cows & other animals to make leather shoes. Whereas vegan leather  has a varied collection of raw materials such as Polyurethane, pineapple, coconut, bamboo, cork, organic cotton, natural rubber, mushrooms and recycled plastic.  Using vegan shoes made out of recycled plastic, can also help in reducing the amount of plastic that clogs your city's landfills. Furthermore, conscious consumers can be carefree about the material or origin of their shoes purchased.




  • Health concerns

    Consumers opt for vegan alternatives for a variety of reasons such as allergies, sensitivity to leather or other animal products. Cultural practices have also been found to be one of their reasons they choose veganism.




    •  Environment Friendly 


    Leather industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Its tanning uses large amounts of water, chemicals and energy, which has a significant impact on the environment; and can emit greenhouse gasses. Leather production also involves many harmful processes such as shaping, treating, conditioning and drying, which causes dyes to leach into water bodies near the factory and is very expensive from an environmental point of view. And lets not forget about the pollution caused due to animal husbandry, leaving a high level of carbon footprint. 

    On the flip side, vegan fashion is far more conscious in nature as it uses less water in production and has a low carbon footprint. As a result,  they are considered relatively environment friendly and a more sustainable option.




    • Better affordability 


    Buying fancy shoes can be quite expensive. But buying dress shoes doesn't have to be expensive. Vegan fashion is a cheaper alternative without having to sacrifice quality and appearance. In fact, the process of producing it is less tenacious as it involves fewer steps and treatments as compared to genuine leather. So it turns out to be much cheaper which finally leads to the low cost of production being reflected in the affordability of vegan shoes. 




  • Durability

    Vegan footwear is nowhere inferior to other footwear. In fact, vegan footwear manufacturers strive to create products that stand the test of time. Genuine leather often tends to wrinkle, crease or warp when exposed to inclement weather. However, this is not the case with vegan shoes. They don’t tend to degrade when exposed to inhospitable weather conditions and tend to look better over time, without worrying about the lifespan.




  • Trendy and fashionable

    Now, many major fashion houses and their designers are creating trendy, fashionable and timeless versions of shoes. By choosing to shop from a company that prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices is a way to support them and you are sending a message to the fashion industry that these values ​​matter to consumers. This could encourage more companies to adopt these practices, making the fashion industry as a whole more ethical and sustainable.


    In short, there are many reasons why you should consider buying vegan shoes. It's cruelty-free, relatively eco-friendly, comfortable, affordable, and an ethical choice that can make a positive impact on animals and the planet. If you are looking for vegan shoes do check out our website. As we have a wide range of options which are vegan for women and men Do consider giving vegan footwear a try.