What going Vegan in Fashion means

Being vegan in the fashion industry mainly refers to being Cruelty – Free, which means the products that you make don’t harm any animals in any way during the making of these products nor are they tested on animals. It also includes not using animal parts for the development of the product at later stages too.

Consumers are learning more and more about vegan products and are now fully aware of the major animal abuse and the environmental destruction that goes on in the fashion industry too, amongst others. As much as being vegan has become a trend, it’s definitely not a fad that will die down and is here to stay and to keep growing instead. It is changing people’s mindsets and bringing about a change in their lifestyles. Many businesses are also now making the conscious choice of being vegan and growing their business.

PAIO is one such brand. We are a 100% vegan and also a PETA- approved brand that is very committed to using only vegan alternatives to genuine leather and a variety of fabrics such as cotton, hemp, and jute in our collections. PAIO has had a very loyal base of customers worldwide who cherish ethics just as much as their love for eclectic fashion and design.

It has been an amazing journey all these years observing people and consumer behavior going from not caring about the aesthetics of the brand to that itself becoming the USP instead of pricing being the hero. Vegan brands are being looked up to now, more than ever. Having said this, there are a lot of options for consumers now even in this category but you should only trust the companies that give you all the information and are transparent about their processes.

Vegan Fashion too has a lot to offer and when incorporated, is a good lifestyle change.