Tips & Tricks To Help You Choose The Right Pair Of Heels

You enter a shoe shop & immediately fall in love with many pairs. Unable to control the shopaholic in you, you try them once and purchase them immediately. Unfortunately, these shoes fail to give you a good fit; they give shoe bites and finally end up in the corner of your closet forgotten away.

We’re here to make sure that does not happen to you. So here are few high heel tricks & tips when choosing your perfect footwear.

High heel tips –

When you try on a pair of heels, walk in them. Make sure the heel is rigid and un-bending. Make sure your toes in the front are not jammed together and have enough place to breathe. You should be able to wear these shoes for a long duration without pain.

Make sure you buy the correct shoe size –

Most women tend to compromise on their shoe size. It’s important to choose a pair for both the length & width of your feet for the shoes to give you a perfect fit.

Make sure you walk in the shoes you are trying. It’s good to note the comfort of a pair and the softness of its cushion.

Check the sole of each shoe before purchasing them. For heels, make sure the sole isn’t a clear sole; it should be able to grip the surface of each floor as you walk.

Check the inner lining of shoes to make sure it’s comfortable without any rough patches or loose threads.

A little care goes a long way in ensuring a comfortable and long lasting shoe