Sustainable ways to dispose of your Footwear - Join the drive with PAIO

‘Don’t add to the pile.” – Leah Musch

Footwear disposal is considered to be a huge contributor to the waste being generated every day that does not get disposed of properly and ends up in landfills. This environmental crisis is not a surprise to people anymore as they are more than aware of what is happening around them, considering which people should be more mindful of how their actions ultimately affect society.

PAIO is a vegan shoe brand that is also PETA - approved and makes a conscious effort in taking care of the environment and the local craftsmen by making eco-friendly, cruelty-free, handcrafted shoes. Recently, PAIO also joined hands with an NGO, '5RCYCLE' for a donation drive where people can donate their old shoes and get them refurbished. After donating to this drive, the team gives the shoes and other materials to 'Greensoul', from where they ultimately are fixed/renewed and then go to the people in dire need. Donation is one of the best ways to sustainably and responsibly dispose of your worn-out footwear. Apart from helping them to collect more footwear, our goal was also to create more awareness about this way of disposal.

Another suggestion for people is to take a good second and third look at the footwear they are planning to dispose of. A lot of people just throw away pairs that can still be used because they want to buy new ones. This consumer habit is also generating a lot of waste and needs to be pointed out and taken care of.

Apart from these practices, what people can do is buy from eco-friendly brands like PAIO who have their supply chain process available for their customers to know, and to tell them about the real journey of the shoe and how to dispose of it off. Taking care of our surroundings lies as much in our hands as it does in others, and being sustainable is not just a trend but an essential habit to inculcate in these times.