Shoe hacks we love

First things first, your shoes should not hurt you. Shoes were made to protect your feet and provide functionality. With time, innovation gave birth to countless styles of shoes that exist today. While still holding their main purpose of protection and functionality, shoes today have become a statement in the fashion industry. There is a wide variety of comfortable shoes that are available in the market today. While all shoes are designed to provide comfort, some shoes do feel uncomfortable on feel due to wear and tear caused by harsh conditions or poor care. Check out our blog for special instructions on how to take care of your vegan shoes. In this blog, we have listed some approved shoe hacks that will change your life and can be done using minimal supplies. These hacks will improve the longevity of your shoes and will make them as comfortable and good as new ones.

1. Remove odor from stinky shoes: 
Got shoes smelling like old cheese? Put tea bags in your shoes to get rid of stale odors. The bags will absorb the foul smell and will leave your shoes smelling fresh and foul odor-free. Another tip to prevent shoes from smelling bad is to avoid wearing shoes with wet feet and always wear socks with closed shoes.

2. DIY shoe deodorant:
Another hack to get rid of foul shoe odor is to DIY your shoe deodorant. For this hack, you will require baking soda, a coffee filter, essential oil, and a rubber band. Fill the center of the coffee filter with a few tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oils, if desired. Pinch the top of the filter and seal it using the rubber band to form a tiny bag. Place one sachet in each shoe overnight to absorb moisture and freshen the shoes. Or You can also make your shoe deodorant spray by mixing equal parts of rubbing alcohol, apple cider vinegar, and a few drops of tea tree oil. Mix and store all the ingredients in a spray bottle to make your shoe deodorant spray. Just spray the inside of your shoe with this spray to get rid of the foul smell.

3. Waterproof your shoes: Wet shoes are no fun. We have a hack that will let you have fun in the monsoon season without worrying about soaked-up shoes. The finest waterproof sprays for shoes can be used on a variety of materials, including leather and performance fabrics, to provide a water-resistant barrier that keeps your feet dry. Layering your shoes with a thin layer of wax will resist the water droplets from soaking into your precious pair. Protecting your shoes with a layer of beeswax can help. Beeswax is often sold as a lubricant and can be bought in most hardware stores. If you can't get beeswax, a transparent, odorless paraffin wax candle (like a tea light) would suffice. Just make sure the wax you are using for this hack is not colored or else it may stain your shoe. We recommend rubbing the wax on a small part of the shoe to test how the shoe reacts to the wax. All you have to do for this hack is rub the wax all over the outside of the shoe to form a thick layer. Then, wave a hairdryer on high heat all over your shoe to melt the wax evenly all over the shoe. Keep drying it until the wax disappears and voila! You have your waterproof shoes.

4. Repair worn-out heel caps:
 Wear and tear caused to your favorite stilettoes can leave them of no use. The metal nail that shows through the bottom of your heel can make your pair wobbly and noisy. Here is a hack on how you can fix your worn-out heel caps and make them wearable and good as new! You can replace these worn-out heel caps with new ones that are available in the market. These heel caps will help you repair your worn-out stilettos at home.

5. Break into your new shoes:
 Do you have a newly bought pair that requires a gentle break-in period to allow the shoe material to soften and adjust to your foot shape? And if you don’t wish to wait to wear your newly bought pair of shoes out, then this hack is just for you. For this hack, you will need to wear your thickest socks and then wear the pair you want to break into. Then heat your blow-dryer and get the shoes nice and warm. The heat will allow the material to soften and eventually will create space for your foot. After you’re done heating the material, try walking in the pair for some time and then remove your socks.

6. Bring life to old shoes:
 If you have an old pair that is collecting dust in your closet then you need to check out our blog on “interesting ideas to jazz up your old shoes “. In the blog, you will find interesting hacks that you can do at home to bring life to your old pairs.

7. Make bigger shoes fit perfectly:
 Shopping online for footwear can be difficult sometimes as finding the perfect fit can be very confusing. Different types of shoes have different sizing, some may fit smaller and some fit bigger. You can try hack number 5 to deal with a pair that fits slightly smaller but make sure that the pair is not too tight on your feet. “Breaking into your new pair” hack will work only with slightly tight pairs. Now, if you accidentally ordered a larger size, you could try insoles. Soft padded inserts that go inside your shoe on top of the footbed are called insoles. Depending on your needs, such as cushioning or added support, different varieties of insoles are available. Insoles are also very affordable and can be found in every shoe care store. Footwear such as heels and peep-toes work best with insoles.

8. Clean Suede shoes with bread:
 Yes, you read it right. You can use stale bread to clean suede shoes. Make sure you use stale bread for this hack as the rough texture of the bread will act as a soft scrubber for the shoe. Let the bread sit on the counter for 2 days and allow it to get stale. Bring out your suede shoes and rub the dirty area in gentle circular motions with the stale bread. Get rid of stubborn surface stains and make your suede shoes good as new.

And now that you have given a new life to your shoes, you should protect them by knowing how to take care of them. Our blog “how to take care of your vegan shoes” has some amazing tips and tricks to help you take care of your shoes, eventually adding more life to your pairs.