Shoe Hacks - How to keep your shoes keep smelling fresh

We're all a hoarder when it comes to shoes. From flat ballets to high heel stilettos we have one of each. There are shoes that you wear regularly, and there are shoes that you wear on special occasions only. However, shoes that you wear daily develop an odour due to heat and sweat. This is usually found in closed shoes since there's very little space for air circulation. This can be easily fixed by these simple tips and tricks.

#1: The Baking Soda Hack:
Baking soda has a quality to absorb bad odour since it is an amphoteric substance. You just have to sprinkle a tiny amount of baking soda on your shoes and leave them overnight. This will lock in all the odour of the shoes in the baking soda. This hack is really easy and proven to be effective.

#2: Tea Bags
This hack has been around the internet for a long time now. According to this hack, you can place used tea bags inside your shoes overnight, which will help you get rid of the bad odour from the shoes. This hack is widely used by people who tend to work out on a daily basis or indulge in regular sports activities.

#3: Deepfreeze:
This may sound weird but is very helpful in getting rid of shoe smell. You can just put your shoes in a zip lock bag and deep freeze it. This will break down the odour molecules resulting in odour free shoes.

#4: Fabric Softener:
This hack is really great for sneakers and canvas shoes. When you're done washing your shoes just soak them in the fabric softener for some time. This will keep your shoes smelling fresh for a longer period of time and keep the bad odour at bay.

You also try using salt and rubbing alcohol as well, they do have properties that help you keep your shoes smelling fresh at all times.