PAIO’s monsoon rendezvous!


The glorious dreamy days of monsoon are here and while it’s all blissful and serene on the bright side, there are also days of dodgy puddles, muck and slippery pavements to dull your moment.

During this season, most of us have the comfort and luxury of covering our feet in all sorts of funky and fashionable rainwear. However, there are the less fortunate ones who either end up reusing old shoes that are completely worn off or in many cases simply can’t afford to buy them to cover their feet.

Recognising that footwear is worth more than just a mere fashion statement is imperative. They play a crucial role in providing health and well-being to our feet. Being barefoot can cause serious health hazards such as blisters, burns, and wounds causing an infection or fungus. In addition, there are high chances of exposure to critical injuries caused by negligently stepping on harsh objects like broken glass, nails and other sharp items. So, to avoid such distress, it is extremely crucial that we cover our feet with a strong pair of footwear.

While understanding the need to cover this gap, we at PAIO are taking a step to lift up the spirits of the less fortunate by helping you help them. This could include anyone; a parent who couldn’t buy a pair to save for their child, a student who couldn’t afford a pair for purchasing a book, or just those who really need it because they simply can’t afford to cover their feet.

So, this season let’s help one another and offer comfort to the soles of the less fortunate. SHOP for Rs. INR. 3500 and get a free pair of PAIO’s monsoon flip-flops to share with someone in need. Your kindness can put a big smile on someone’s face and cool flip-flops on their feet!