PAIO- A step in the right direction

The main objective of PAIO is to create cruelty-free, sustainable, and conscious fashion with beautiful design elements inspired by everything around us while making sure each product provides you with the comfort you deserve.

PAIO is a PETA-approved vegan brand. We have taken a conscious decision to stay away from leather or any such product that would harm animals. It is our belief that life is not worth sacrificing for fashion. We have better alternatives like faux leather, hemp, cotton, jute, faux-silks.

Our products at PAIO are carefully handcrafted by traditional karigars who have inherited & perfected their craft for generations. The philosophy behind the genesis of PAIO was to create a platform that provides sustenance to traditionally skilled, yet ignored, local artisans. Fast fashion has unfortunately forgotten the magic that traditional Indian karigars can create with their hands. We take great pride in the beautiful products our karigars make, and the positive impact we have on society at large.

At PAIO, we are constantly evolving and improving. We ideate and experiment to make every aspect of every product more sustainable. Whether it pertains to innovating raw materials, pasting technologies, packaging, or anything else, it is our constant endeavor to take PAIO one step closer to sustainability.

To take this initiative further, we have also collaborated with 5RCycle Foundation for an ongoing social drive. 5RCycle Foundation aims at creating a zero-waste management system, and through those facilitates, the conservation of our environment, wildlife, and aquatic life. They are incorporating a 4-step process before people even think about the fifth ‘R’- Recycling. The 4 R’s that they follow are: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Repurpose.

As a footwear brand, we are aware of the amount of post-consumption footwear that reaches landfills and are hoping to create a solution for the same. This donation drive will ensure that all footwear & clothing items we receive, will be repurposed by those at 5RCycle & Greensole & donated to those in need! A percentage of proceeds from these sales will be donated to the foundation. 

PAIO continues to grow every day and we can only sustain that growth by working with other big names thus we have our collaborations. Some of our biggest collaborations are Payal Singhal X PAIO and DEME X PAIO and most recently a collaboration with Wendell Rodricks.      

There is an intricate process that goes into creating our shoes, let's discuss that below. 

When we wear a shoe or run around in it, do we ever take into account or simply think about the complexity of crafting a shoe. There are so many processes that go into the construction of our perfect shoe, each one vital for the right mix of comfort and design.

  • Design:
    The process begins by designing a shoe. The design may be based on a theme, a picture, a memory, or a creation out of scribbles. The design of a shoe is the first step in visualizing the actual shoe. In this step, our designers decide on the shoe shape, strap widths, heel heights, materials, and accessories.
  • The Pattern:
    Almost every pair designed in our PAIO studio is unique and requires a unique pattern to be cut. This pattern is cut based on the design. Each measurement for the upper (the main shoe design that sits on your foot) is taken into account when cutting up the pattern. Like the upper, patterns are cut for the sole (the bottom of the shoe), insole (the internal part of the shoe that your foot rests on), and the outsole (the part of the shoe that touches the ground).
  • Lasting:
    A last is a foot-shaped mold. Lasts come in various sizes, shapes, and heights. Depending on the design a particular last gets selected. Almost every design requires a unique last. The cut pattern is then placed over the last and nailed in. The remaining patterns such as the insole, sole, and outsole are attached.
  • Trims: 
    Once the shoe patterns have been attached over the last, the entire shoe is glued together. Any excess material is trimmed off.
  • Logo: 
    The PAIO logo is stamped inside the shoe on the insole.
  • Finishing: 
    In the final stage, a thorough quality check is conducted on the shoe for any defects, changes, or trimmings required. The shoes are then left on the last to dry for over a day.