Most loved sustainable heels - Ft. PAIO

We all adore a stylish pair of heels. These polished, reliant, confidence-enhancing, ensemble-illuminating footwear essentials are timeless as they are fetching. But then again while our endearment for pretty heels may seem to remain relentless even after generations of transient trends, our purchasing priorities have changed somehow. Yes, of course, we still wish to have a
remarkable heel that complements our sartorial and amplifies our stride, but we have now moved towards caring more than ever regarding the material used to construct those heels. In other words, going eco-friendly is becoming the new norm. But the question is, are there any sustainable pairs of heels that can hold up in style spheres?

The answer to this is a BIG FAT yes! Why fear when PAIO’s COCOCUT is here?! Yes, you heard it right. It’s raining coconuts in PAIO after the launch of our Ecoture range - COCOCUT. The best and most interesting part about this collection is its material, which is made from coconut extracts. So, now we have footwear that is not only cruelty-free, and vegan but also sustainable; on top of that, we have all this without compromising the style and comfort of the footwear. Now how’s that for holding up in the said style circle, girls?! I mean the feeling of shopping for a prominent pair of heels without being guilty-conscious is amazing!! Don’t you think?

Nevertheless, drama apart, if you are looking for inspiration for your next sustainable purchase, here are a few of our favourite ‘COCOCUT’s’that will leave you ‘aww’ struck.

Opepe Block Heels:

Walk your walk in this quintessential piece that is oh, so consciously chic. A pop of orange vibrance with a stylish broad structure and block heels is all you need to achieve a SOULED-OUT look! Blending the timeless look of a designer heel with a breathable construction and a soft footbed, these blocks are the quintessence of comfort and style. And let’s not forget they are vegan, sustainable, and sensitive to the planet earth. These are perfect for women who want to walk ‘the walk’ for ‘sustainability’ while looking fabulous.

Akasa Crisscrossed Block Heels:

Calling all Minimalistic Maniacs out there to brace yourself with this super beautiful and chic globular heel. Yes, you heard it right, it’s a one-of-a-kind, unique design with a 2-inch curved- circular heel, and a soft colour palette that drips elegance at every inch. Starring a raw-skinned exterior (made of coconut extracts) and a vegan leather interior, these rounded blocks offer a look that is a class apart. Get these quintessential beauties and you’ll enhance your everyday basics like a boss!

Celtis Vintage Gold Block Heels:

The devil is in the details and this piece is gracefully bold with it. If you wish to have a heel that’s bold, vivid and feels similarly at home in both casual and formal settings, then look no more and get straight to our website to get this perfect pick. This design features a sturdy, grip-friendly block heel with comfy insoles that will take you to places with utmost sophistication. The crisscross detailing, vintage-gold studs, breathable structure and the designer ombre block heels are some of the hallmarks of this remarkable, eco-friendly piece. Pair it up with casual jeans and a loose shirt to stand out in the crowd.