Interesting Facts about Women’s Footwear

There are many different styles when it comes to shoes, but the only concern when buying shoes these days is how they feel and how they look. But footwear has a very interesting history! 

Here are some interesting facts about women’s footwear like “The oldest known shoes are sagebrush bark sandals that date back to about 7,000 to 8,000 BC”, and “The first boots designed for women were made for Queen Victoria in 1840”, and so on. Read on to know more - 

  1. High heels were originally worn by men: 

While high heels are now primarily associated with women's fashion, they were actually originally worn by men. “In the 17th century, high heels were worn by European aristocrats as a symbol of status and wealth. After Marie Antoinette was guillotined wearing high heels, they became a symbol of pride and wealth for women, so they stopped wearing them to avoid being seen as frivolous and arrogant. It wasn't until the 18th century that women began to adopt high heels as a fashion statement”.

  1. Women's shoes have become taller over time: 

High heels have become higher and more extreme over time. In the 1950s, the average heel height was about 2 inches. Today, it's not uncommon to see women wearing heels that are 5 inches or higher.

  1. Sneakers are the most popular type of women's footwear: 

Rubber-soled shoes became known as "sneaks" in the late 1800s because they made very little noise. The term "sneaks" later evolved into "sneakers." While high heels might get more attention, sneakers are actually the most popular type of women's footwear. In a survey of over 2,000 women, 39% said that sneakers were their favorite type of shoe.

  1. Cinderella's glass slipper was likely mistranslated: 

The story of Cinderella features a glass slipper, but in the original French version of the story, the slipper was actually made of fur. It's believed that the word "vair," which means "fur" in French, was mistranslated as "verre," which means "glass."

  1. Ballet flats were inspired by ballet slippers: 

Ballet flats, also known as ballerina flats, were inspired by ballet slippers. They were first introduced in the 1940s by french designer Claire McCardell, who wanted to create a comfortable yet stylish shoe for women.

  1. Stilettos were invented in the 1950s: 

Stilettos, which are high heels with a long, thin heel, were invented in the 1950s. They were popularized by Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo and quickly became a symbol of feminine sexuality and power.

  1. The average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes: 

According to a survey conducted by ShopSmart magazine (Goldsmith 2007), the average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes. However, many women own much more than that, with some owning over 100 pairs.

  1. The most expensive women's shoe ever sold: 

The most expensive shoes ever sold are Dorothy's iconic ruby red slippers from ‘The Wizard of Oz’, which sold for $660,000 at auction in 2000 and a pair of diamond-encrusted heels created by British designer Debbie Wingham. The shoes were worth $15.1 million and were made from 24-carat gold, pink and blue diamonds, and arabian ostrich leather.