#HeelHack - The Healthy Way to Wear High Heels

High heels are a staple in every girl's closet. Whether you wear them regularly or don't wear them at all. They are an integral part of your style and they can either make or break your style statement.
Having said that we all have borne the pain of an uncomfortable heel.
This also affects your lower back bones and hips. It is advised that one should refrain from wearing heels daily. However, when you do need to wear high heels, you may follow some tips and tricks that will help you stay on your foot all day long with minimized side effects on your health.

#1: Choose your correct size:
One of the common mistakes that people do is not wearing the correct shoe size.
This makes the shoe more uncomfortable and is proven to have health damage too.
This problem also persists as there are different foot shapes in different foot sizes.
We recommend measuring your foot length and width and always refer to the size chart for your correct size.
This will help you select your favourite shoe in your correct size and would be comfortable and long lasting too.
If you're unable to find the correct shoe size you may easily get your perfect pair customised according to your style and foot size by PAIO Shoes.

#2: Carry A Spare Shoe:
For days when you have to be in the shoes for an entire day, you may carry a spare pair of comfy flats to give rest to your shoes.
This will help you stay in your heels for a longer time. Switching shoes may seem tiring although it can help you protect your feet and yet allow you to make a style statement.
When wearing heels for a straight 4-5 hrs can cause pain and blisters.
They are caused as your feet are stretched in one position which causes pain and may lead to further more health issues.

#3: Exercise!:
Yes, you read that right. When you're wearing heels at the office or a dinner you may relax your feet by removing your shoes and
stretching them out to release pressure. This helps better blood flow and reduced chances of foot pain.
This tip can be followed even when you're= not wearing high heels in general. Relaxing your feet at regular intervals is very
essential as it helps release all the extra pressure and gives your feet a healthy life,

#4: Taping your fingers:
This hack is out there on the internet and is observed by top influencers to celebrities.
The hack is to tape your middle and second last finger together.
This is supposed to divert the pressure from the nerves that tend to cause pain.

Using this hack on can easily wear them heels for up to 5-6 hrs without any pain.
This result, of course, varies from person to person depending on their capabilities.