Footwear wisdom for every college going girl - Ft. PAIO

Even though as teenagers we haven’t given enough credit to footwear in college, we all know in our hearts that there is nothing more satisfying than running ‘LATE’ in a comfortable pair of shoes. This and the burden of looking fabulous of course! I mean let’s face it, we were all living in a bubble at that age and looking trashy was not an option for a rising college student. So having the right wardrobe with some prep work was necessary. Nevertheless, the good news is, unlike then we do have help now. So, here’s presenting PAIO’s Top 5 super wearable, stylish and versatile footwear to cure all your every day, ‘what to wear today?’ dilemmas.

Heeled boots

Heeled boots have been a go-to for most college students, particularly during the fall and winter months. Faux leather boots in different deep shades and textures have always been in trend and many celebrities around the globe can be spotted wearing them on several occasions. Even in terms of pricing, there are many affordable options available at various price points. However, be careful with what you choose as comfort should be your top-most priority when it comes to heeled boots.

You can flaunt them with a baggy sweater and a light pair of trousers to stand apart from your friends. Or pair them with a knee-length, body-hugging dress and make the ultimate campus-style statement.

Block Heels

Though comfort is a key factor when it comes to sitting for long hours of lectures, a few inches would not hurt as much. A heel height of about 2-3 inches can be perfect for the blocks as it helps elevate the overall look, giving just the right amount of boost to your height. Overall Block heels are quite easy, and convenient and work with everything from dresses to skirts to jeans. Platforms are also a comfy option available.

Casual Sneakers

 Sneakers are hands down one of the most comfortable shoes to walk in. Even on a rather dull, annoying day, a sneaker’s comfort can help you stay calm. In addition, the versatility that a black and white sneaker holds is unreal. Be it a dressy day or a snoozy doner day, a sneaker can take you anywhere and everywhere in style. Pair it with anything and everything and you are still good to go.  


These are not only comfortable but also very easy to go. In case you have overslept (which is most of the days) and don’t have time to jazz up with anything else, just slide in on these and you are all ready to go. They are super trendy and a pop of colour while choosing these pairs can take you a long way towards getting your ‘A’ game on.


Whether you’re hanging out with your friends, goofing around in your college corridor, or maybe just reading out on your day of presentation, open-back mules are a sophisticated version of your regular slides that work well for both formal and casual events. Think of something lightweight and comfy with neutral colours, along with heels that you can walk in comfortably. Although I am all in for some fun, contemporary trends with brighter colour shades, I feel neutral is still the way to go for college students as it will be versatile and light on your pockets as well.

Having colours like black, white, beige, grey, and brown in footwear would be great to have as options since they will go with most of your apparel. Though it may seem tempting to blow your money on all sorts of shoes; if you have these few neutral pairs, you probably are all covered.