Footwear trends of 2022

Shoe trends were aplenty in 2021, but now that we've entered into a new year, it feels like the perfect time to begin clearing out some space on our shoe racks for fresh additions while perhaps holding onto a few of last year's biggest hitters.

To get to the bottom of what is and isn't worth keeping as well as which styles should be on everyone's wish list this year, you have come to the right place. Scroll on to find out which shoe trends, from low-key staples to of-the-moment fads, are making it into our 2022 wardrobes.

Block Heels:
Blocks are about to have a major moment in 2022, and they're going to take your 'fits to all new heights (literally). They will be the fashion-girl sole of choice this year across everything. 

Digging into PAIO’s collection, the  Eleanor White Heels are here to stay, and they are the perfect pair for you! You can tie them up in different ways and with different strap colors and make your own unique statement! Add this fashionable and trendy pair of white heels for women in your closet. Fun for a night out, this interesting pair of heels can be worn with all outfits because of its straps which come in 3 different colors. You can party in these comfortable heels at the night as well as go on a breakfast date in them in the morning. Versatile, comfortable, and classic defines this pair of comfortable heels.

Another alternative is the Deme x PAIO Poppy Teal blue heels. This pair is a refreshing combination of colors. A statement in itself, they come with 2 different strap colors which make them so stylish. Tie them up in different ways or with different colors and make your own unique statement.

Timeless staples
This year, we should all vow to shop smarter to really build on our already existing wardrobes. That being said, planning on minimizing the number of colorful and ultra-trendy shoes we buy and instead investing in timeless staples, makes for such a sustainable and long-lasting solution. You are for sure going to reach out for the following, no matter the occasion. 

 There’s nothing worse than having an interview or even a wedding coming up and needing to run out the night before because you don’t have heels to pair with your outfit. In a time where sustainability and fashion-conscious people are growing, it’s possible for both to grow hand in hand if we focus on the classics that last you a long time!

One such classic is the PAIO’s Khloe Nude Heel. Extremely stylish and classic, this is an essential piece to have in your closet. An investment to cherish for a lifetime! Amazing if you want to look elongated and classy instantly. It upgrades your casual outfits and even subtly amps up your more formal looks. Having a pair of heels (that you can walk in) in a neutral color that you can wear to all heel-worthy events is a rite of passage as a woman, and it’s better yet to get one pair you really love than a poor-quality pair you have to keep replacing.

PAIO’s Eleanor Black Heels:
Everyone is in search of the right pair of black high heels and our Eleanor Black stilettos are the answer. They come with straps in 3 colors, making them versatile and unique in their own sense. You can tie them up in different ways or with different colors and make your own style statement. The heel is at a perfect 3 inch and the straps and sole are so comfortable, ensuring that you can stand all night without worrying about your feet hurting! Wearing a red sharara set? You can easily pair them with the red straps! Wearing an all-black outfit? Pair them with our black straps! Easy to switch according to your outfit and they look brand new every time! The easiest and most convenient piece to own!

Ballet Flats:
Let’s be honest, none of us thought that 
ballet flats could make a serious comeback, but here we are! The notoriously comfy pair should be your new go-to when styling everything from miniskirts to denim. Hey, at least this is good news for everyone who can’t stand heels. The return of ballet flats has been slowly building for some time now and it won't be slowing down anytime soon. 

PAIO’s Alma Red Ballets:
Give your outfit another strong element with our Alma Red Ballet Flats. Pair these up with monochromatic outfits to create a striking fashion statement. To add another strong element, put on red lipstick to complete your look and you are good to go! A vigorous red with a dynamic presence. A through and through statement piece to style with your outfits, the red speaks for itself and the ballets are unbelievably comfortable as they have double padding.

PAIO’s PS Aanya Peach Ballet's:
Ballet flats with the most beautiful colors and the most intricate embroidery our latest addition to PS x PAIO is perfect for this festive season. You can dress them up or down, they are versatile, comfortable, and stand out in a crowd. Grab them now! This unique embroidered footwear is definitely a statement piece to have. The ballet flats come in the most unique and understated shade of peach and they’re intricately embroidered with silver and black details which makes them versatile. Pair them with your special looks and you’ll stand out for sure!

Fun Mules: 
This popular sandal trend is about to be everywhere this spring— you heard it here first. The more bright, fun, and sparkly the better. Whether it’s closed toe or open toe, mules are here to stay!

PAIO’s Shireene Cream Mule:
A classic to have in your closet, our Payal Singhal x PAIO Shireene Cream Stiletto Mules are carefully handcrafted for you with unique embroidery even on the heel! Easy to wear and style, these heels come with a cushioned sole and unique silver and gold detailing. Pair these with any ethnic outfit – whether it’s a saree or a kurta and denim, this neutral color makes this piece so versatile. Add this to your wardrobe and shine like the bejeweled embroidery in your heels! 

PS x PAIO’s Zeeva Cream Mule:
Looking to jazz up your normal days with some interesting flats to meet your amazing personality? Our Zeeva mules, are a stunning flat, hand-embroidered just for you. These slip-on mules are the perfect piece to pair with your ethnic wear or even the perfect pairing for an indo-western look. The embroidery adds the needed oomph while the style is comfortable to wear and dance if needed! Pair it with multiple colors and make this your best friend while attending weddings.

Classic Loafers:
If the more ugly core takes on this trend feels too intense for you, don’t fret: Literally any loafer is acceptable this season. Go chunky, femme, bright, neutral, shiny, or matte. Just make sure there’s a fun bit or buckle on top to seal the deal.

PAIO’s Alix Beige Loafers:
Feel casual and comfortable on hectic formal days in our slip-on shoes. Buy these Alix Beige Loafers and add elegance to your everyday wardrobe. Yes, the humble loafer is still A Thing—and in 2022, they're all about neutral tones. A classic loafer will be your go-to shoe all year round for various events. Our Alix Beige loafers are just the pair for you to get back out there without any worries. Wear this pair of loafers, to work or out to play and enjoy the comfort of double cushioning for maximum comfort. This neutral color just makes it easy to style with all your outfits! 

PAIO’s Merle Brown Loafers: 
Getting back to the office after a year has everyone worried about getting an ideal combination of comfy and formal. Our Merle Brown loafers are just the pair for you to get back to work without any worries. Buy this pair of loafers, wear it to work, and enjoy the comfort of double cushioning for maximum efficiency while working. The added advantage of having the loafers in a brown is they are very easy to style with all office neutrals throughout the year.