Everyday Styling Tricks

Looking chic and elegant every day is an aspiration for many people in today’s world. Appearances matter a lot and there are some simple tricks and tips that you can follow to crack the code of everyday styling to look put together every day. Believe it or not, when someone looks proper and clean he/she is always taken more seriously as people tend to believe they put in more effort in everything, from their clothes every day to their work.

 Some of these tricks are easy to follow and are not new but people tend to not give them enough importance. Follow these 5 simple hacks and make dressing up every day easier.

 Styling Tips:

1. Always style your outfit the night before:
Yes, we know it’s not always possible, but keeping things ready a night before will always make you feel more composed and in control the next day. You can take your time to get done with your morning house chores and be relaxed and environmental more confident while stepping out because you won’t be double-guessing your outfit and how it looks. Just final checks and you are done.

2. Iron/Steam your clothes:
As basic as it sounds, so many people don’t iron their clothes thinking small creases don’t matter. Trust us when we say, there is nothing like a crisp shirt. You look way more systematic and in control. So, don’t forget to iron or steam your clothes before you step out. Again, Tip 1 comes in handy if you do it the night before so you don’t have to worry about it in the morning.

3.Choose neutral colors:
The power of neutral colors is amazing, especially when styling an everyday outfit. Blacks, whites, tan, beige, all these colors can be paired so easily with each other and look so chic. Even if you don’t want to mix and match the colors, monochromatic outfits are also very very powerful. One can look amazing and dashing in an all-black outfit for instance. 

4. Accessorize your looks and style your clothes up:
People underestimate the power of accessorizing their outfits. A good look that is proper and put together can still look incomplete if not accessorized properly. To style up an outfit, you can add a nice pair of earrings, a necklace, or a ring and a watch to your look. Another important element for a look is your footwear. If you are dressing up for work, minimal and chic is your best bet and If you are dressing up for a day out you can even add some funky jewelry to your overall outfit. 

5. Add any one statement piece that you love:
Whenever you style an outfit, try your best to include an element that you love and which makes a statement. It can even be an accessory that you feel amazing like a statement bag, or a shoe, or even terms of makeup. If adding a red lip is your bold statement then go for it. Be it someone else styling you or you putting something together for yourself, a minimum of one element should be a statement of your unique style even if you have to follow some rules say for your work environment. It just makes you feel more of yourself and unique.