7 Office-Appropriate Sandal Styles: The Ultimate Work Guide

Shopping for shoes is something that all girls enjoy doing so! As easy as it seems to choose something for casual and party wear, it becomes difficult to select appropriate office sandals. You spend almost an entire day in your formal shoes, it means they have to be comfortable and should also suit your style.

Here are 7 styles that are appropriate for your office wear.

Black Block Heels:
Block heels are everyone's favourite. They elevate your style by adding stability yet comfort to your feet. Opt for black or brown coloured block heels to give your formal yet elegant touch to your office look. The chunky base of this heel helps you run errands with hurting your toes.

When it comes to being formally dressed, choosing oxford shoes is a no-brainer. Oxfords are the perfect shoe to wear for formal occasions when you need to elevate your ensemble. If you're going out for a business meeting or a formal event, the Oxford shoe will effortlessly spruce up your looks.

Wedge Heel:
Wedges with jute rope soles are perfect for summer office meetings. These are chic and elegant and go well with work-wear dresses. Adding a beige coloured wedge heel and a mini brown bag to your formal attire will be perfect to complete the look!

Dorsay Flats:
Dorsay Flats are the trend of the season. For someone who isn't comfortable with wearing heels all day long Dorsays are a to-go option. They are super versatile and can be paired with a lot of formal outfits. D'Orsay flats are comfortable and still noticeable. They can be paired with dresses, trousers, and pants.

Court Heels:
When going for a court shoe for the office, you might want to go for a pair with a lower heel height. These will generally offer more comfort and stability to your arch. We suggest going for a neutral tone to keep it formal.

Another great and most acceptable office wear option is Loafers. These are perfect for office wear and comfortable as well. You can wear these with a shirt and trousers. You can also try oxfords with block heels for that extra height.

Pumps are a staple for any office goers closet. They are elegant, stylish and yet comfortable. They fully cover your shoe and protect them as well. They the most appropriate shoe option for office wear. These 7 styles are for anybody and everybody out there. From flats to heels there's something for everyone. You may visit www.paio.co they are vegan footwear brand that is known for their contemporary yet stylish line of footwear. Their latest designs for women online are a must have!