5 things you need to know about shoes for travel

When we talk about travelling and packing shoes for vacation, we need to keep a couple of things in mind; the destination where we're travelling, duration of stay, and weather conditions of the destination.

When packing for a weeklong staycation at a beach, you would want to pack slip-on sliders for the day at the beach along with 1-2 sandals for dinner. Similarly, we're going to talk about 5 things you need to know about travel shoes

Avoid packing excess pairs of shoes. One thing a lot of us do is packing too many shoes.

Always decide what all activities you'll be indulging in during the vacation. If one plans to visit a city, you should pack at least 1 shoe per occasion i.e. for sightseeing, dinner and day shopping and wandering.

Avoid packing shoes that are not comfortable. Since you're on vacation it involves a lot of walking. If you're not wearing your comfortable shoes, you may end up with blisters. Prioritize comfort first, and then the look of the shoes.

Always pack a pair of a flat sandal as a spare. This is a very handy hack that one should follow. In case you want to just drop by a nearby store for late-night snacks or just wander around in your hotel lobby.

Store your shoes in the right way. If you're packing shoes in your luggage make sure you stuff them right. This will help the shoe maintain its shape when you want to wear them. It will also protect your shoes from any creases or peeling caused due to the crease.

Carry shoe deodorants to keep that odour away. When you are travelling to a humid weather place, your shoes will tend to develop an odour. Shoe deodorants keep them at bay leaving you with fresh shoes every time you want to wear them.

We hope these hacks and tips help you with your next vacation.