5 mistakes to avoid while styling your footwear

When putting together a well- thought out attire, it is never completed without the right pair of shoes. From formal to the casual occasion, we'll help you avoid - 5 mistakes while styling your footwear.

Mistake #1:
Wearing pointy stilettos with a pair of flared pants. Believe it or not, but you do not want to trip on your own pants. While walking in stilettos and flared pants the pointy edge of the heel is sure to get stuck with your pants, making you trip. We recommend going for a block heel of a pair of chunky sneakers to pair with your flared pants.

Mistake #2:
Wearing open flats or bold colour footwear with formal attire. When speaking of styling a formal attire, one should always stick to neutral tone and closed shoes. Opt for neutral tone loafers or court heels for your office and yet make a style statement.

Mistake #3:
Wearing white socks with dress shoes. Dress shoes are mostly worn at formal events and hence are available in dark tones. We strongly recommend wearing a pair of dark coloured socks with them. You may also match the socks with your trousers as well.

Mistake #4:
Do not add too much element to your outfit while [airing them with statement sneakers. The name pair is crafted in a way to help you make a statement with minimal efforts. So always try and keep it minimal while styling them.

Mistake #5:
Wearing the wrong pair of shoes for your daily commute. Be it for office or college, wearing the right pair of shoes is very essential. Avoid leather or vegan leather shoes for your daily commute. Leather shoes tend to peel when worn very often as the material creases while you walk. Always opt for canvas shoes or daily wear sneakers for your daily up and down. As for formal wear, we recommend keeping a spare pair of formal shoes in the office and commuting in daily wear shoes.

Avoid these 5 mistakes and you'll rock any style you opt for. Check our PAIO Shoes to choose from a wide range of daily wear essential to formal wear shoes.