5 Foot care essentials you need in your shoe-closet

Heel pain is a common foot condition. It usually occurs under or behind the heel, where the Achilles tendon connects to the heel bone. Sometimes, it can affect the side of the heel. We’ve all decided at one point or another to prioritize fashion over function, and there’s no way we’ll be quitting high heels anytime soon. The only thing better than wearing a beautiful pair of high heels is wearing them comfortably

Today, we will discuss accessories that will help keep your head and heels high yet pain, low.

CBD (cannabidiol) Foot Cream - The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may help relieve aches and pains in feet, whether they stem from uncomfortable high-heeled footwear, a long day on your feet, or something more chronic.

Silicone Gel - Remember those “do-not-eat” gel sachets that you always got with your bags? It’s the right time to put them to use. Insert a sachet of silicone gels on your heels, right where the balls of your feet (the underpart of your toes) would be as it would reduce the callouses on your feet from standing for long periods.

In-soles - A handy trick which you can use to deal with the pain while wearing high heels is to wear cushioned insoles. Insoles can provide you with the right amount of balance to your feet, making it easier to manage your walk-in heels. Insoles are often used because they provide comfort and relief from foot and heel pain by alleviating pressure. Check out Soleify X PAIO’s shoe care essentials for getting your hands on these super comfy insoles.

Heel Cushions
– It relieves pressure onto the heels by providing excellent cushioning and thereby offering long-lasting comfort. So, if you are someone who suffers from back pain but loves wearing heels, we recommend you use heel cushions (Soliefy X PAIO) at the heel of your shoe for a more painless time.

Callus Foam - It’s corny (pun intended), but it’s very effective. Protect your feet and toes from painful corns by covering them in the thick, supportive Corn Cushions. Paste some corn cushions across your heels to reduce the pain while walking, standing, dancing or anything really, as these little cushions will provide you with the much-needed friction you need to make your heel-wearing time very comfortable. 

So next time whenever your high heels give you pain get yourself some kickass shoe accessories for a better 'heeling experience’.