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Why Made To Measure Matters!

Why Made To Measure Matters!

What is made to measure? What does it mean to customize? You’ve heard about this, but what does it really mean? And why should you opt for it?

You get what you want!

Shoes, designs, material, heel, comfort and size – customized as per your requirement. Made to measure means you don’t settle for anything less. You are your boss. You decide the shoes you wear.

Gone are the days where you force your feet into narrow shoes, or settle for a smaller or bigger size as the store is out of stock. With made to measure, you design a shoe that fits your foot in a colour and design you love.

You protect the environment !

In a day and age where every small action matters, made to measure is the way forward.

When collections are crafted, shoes are manufactured in bulk. There is no guarantee that these designs sell. When a particular design is past its expiry (Trend and style), we get it at a discount in the form of a sale. If this design doesn’t get sold in a sale, it ends up as landfill.

Each year there are millions of shoes that end up in landfills.

With made to measure, we do not produce in bulk. We make shoes on demand. We save on merchandise and product losses. We in-turn don’t fill the landfills with unused shoes.

Simply put, its quality over quantity. And we love it!

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