What is The Ideal Footwear For Lehenga Choli?

What is The Ideal Footwear For Lehenga Choli?

As the wedding season swings by, our outfits more than anything take up most of our thoughts. While the trend for clothing keeps swaying one thing that always stays classy and in trend are Lehenga Choli’s. These gorgeous, vibrant and royal looking attires make it the perfect outfit for at least one wedding function and a must have in our wedding looks! So, what could be the ideal designer footwear to pair up with this traditional everlasting outfit? Normally, all lehengas all long and cover your feet. This is a little sigh of relief as it avoids the direct attention on your feet as compared to a salwaar kameez or a saree. As the ghera of our lehenga is normally big making sure we get in our princess twirl boomerangs, it’s also a win win as we get the leverage to explore and experiment with our footwear.
So, our quick guide to all the possible footwear one can wear with Lehenga’s! On top of our heads we can come up with kolhapuri heels, wedges and flats! So, let’s get more into detail why these make it to our top 3 choices!

Speaking of Kolhapuri’s

This type of designer footwear is all time traditional choice has come a long way from the ones that were originally created. Our Hailey Dark Blue Kolhapuri Heels make it to our top list as it was made for these occasions and outfits as these. The upper part of the shoe resonating with our traditional values while it being a block heel! The block heels make it so much easier to walk and enjoy the festivities as it gives more space for your feet to stay comfortable in also, the height of the heel not being too much or too little giving you the perfect stance and posture.

Hailey Dark Blue Kolhapuri Heels

PAIO Hailey Dark Blue Kolhapuri Heels


These are the convenient yet classy solution to all our fashion dilemmas! Wedges give you softer cushioning compared to other heels and also allow your feet to fit well in the shoe with the straps. They mould as per your feet and make it flexible for any movement, even if it’s running away from your annoying relatives! Our Caitlin Dark Blue wedges seems our ideal option for an elegant dinner party or a cocktail party to pair with any of your vibrant Choli's. The Alisha Gold strappy heels is our go to for a beautiful day functions for Sangeet or our classic Mehendi bashes!

Caitlin Dark Blue wedges

PAIO Caitlin Dark Blue wedges

Finally our favorite of them all! FLATS!

This is our lazy go to for anything. What’s more better than a shoe that fits well, has no heel, looks classy and elegant and gives your outfit a beautiful touch? We couldn’t think of anything apart from these either. Our current favorites are the Genie D’orsay flats, Purp Slip on’s, Maurice red suede flat mules with tie up tassles ( for all the times that you’d wish to lift your lehenga and dancing to your favorite songs) and finally our sophisticated JAC Flat sandals. These subtly sexy pairs make it to our top flats for any traditional function since they give our feet an added oomph!

Genie Grey D'Orsay Flats

PAIO Genie Grey D'Orsay Flats

Purp Slip On Print Flat Mules

PAIO Purp Slip On Print Flat Mules

Maurice Red Suede Flat Mules Slip On with Tie Up Tassels

PAIO Maurice Red Suede Flat Mules Slip On with Tie Up Tassels

JAC Flat Sandals

PAIO Jac Flat Sandals That’s all for now, stay tuned for our next top favourites!
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