What are the Shoes To Wear With Jeans for Women

What are the Shoes To Wear With Jeans for Women

Whether in college or for a get-together jeans are a to-go option for every girl. However, when styling jeans and a t-shirt we always go for a flat slip on sandals. It is so because we want to feel comfortable in our most favorite outfit. What if I tell you 6 other shoe styles that will help you rock your favorite outfits.
Here are 6 other shoe styles for every jeans -

ankle length skinny jeans

1. Ankle Length Skinny Jeans

From Capri's, we have landed on to ankle length era. For your ankle length jeans go for a closed shoe like oxfords. Just like the one shown below. If you're an office person this should be your to-go option which is comfortable and can help you run errands.

skinny jeans

2. Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans are no doubt everyone's fave! There is more than one Shoe style that goes well with your skinny jeans

a) Flats and Sneakers

They totally go with you casual skinny jeans look. If its a clean white sneaker it's cherry on the cake. But if you're wearing ice blue or light- colored jeans go for flats in poppings colors like orange or red.

b) Knee High Boots

Its winter and high boots season. Long boots and Skinny Jeans are just so wonderful.

c) Stilettoes and Pumps

If you want to go for a drink or club you can go for stilettoes and pumps. They are great for a night out party!


3. Culottes

Culottes are dramatically flared jeans. For such a dramatic outfit you need something like Statement heels.Trust me these two are just perfect for each other. You can select the heel height as per your comfort or choose a chunky heel to complete the look.

white jeans

4. White Jeans

White jeans are for summers while styling this one, wear Flat Thongs or Strappy Flats. A simple shoe for simple white colored jeans. It is a very simple and easy look you can hardly go wrong with this one!


5. Overalls and Dungarees

Dungarees and overalls are my favorites since childhood. However styling it then and now are way different. My mother would make me wear hair band and sneakers with dungarees (almost everyone's moms did so). You can still wear a sneaker on dungarees but if you're looking for more of elegant look wear pumps with them.

straight jeans

6. Straight Jeans

Straight Jeans needs a shoe equally casual as them. Slip-on Shoes are the answer to this one. They are casual and perfect for straight jeans look. Just slip onto those and hang out with friends!

With all the shoes mentioned above, you now have a full list if shoes you can wear with your favorite jeans. If you want to buy a pair right now visit www.paio.co

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