Tricks To Make Your High Heels Pain Free

Tricks To Make Your High Heels Pain Free

Eyeing on that brand-new Stiletto? Can you walk in those without pain?
Awkward Silence!!
We all have those high heels that we haven't worn again because it gave you blisters at the first time itself.
How many of you have survived a pain-free journey with high heels? Not many Right! We always try to find out tips and tricks that make high heels pain free. Not all tricks work on everybody. You need to test the tricks yourself.
Here are 6 tricks you should know if you want your high heels to be pain-free!

1. Taping Fingers

The weirdest and viral trick is Taping 3rd and 4th fingers of the toe with a band-aid. Use two layers for extra grip. Taping fingers relieve some of the pressure on the nerve between two fingers. This makes walking around in heels pain-free.

2. Applying Band Aid

To avoid blisters put a band-aid where you think you might end up getting blisters. Most people get blisters behind ankles. You can buy silicon stickies to make your heels comfortable.

3. Wearing Right Shoe Size

Wearing the right shoe size! Believe it or not, wearing the right shoe size does matter. Wearing a tight shoe may cause blisters and who would walk in an over-sized shoe? Many times women with broader feet struggle in narrower shoes which may cause bunions and hammertoes.

4. Applying Deodorant

Applying deodorant on back and sides of your toes avoids friction which may cause blisters.

5. Wearing Socks

If your pumps are tighter try wearing socks under the heels and walk around in your house for a couple of days. This will help you stretch the shoes. You can also blow dry the shoes which act fast and stretches the shoes quickly.

6. Take breaks

Give breaks to your toes by changing heels with flats. Try stopping and stretching your toes. Doing so will relax your muscles and help you keep your heels pain free.
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Want to wear your favourite high heels! With above mentioned tips and tricks you don’t have to worry about the unbearable pain anymore! You can just slide into your heels and walk around like a pro!
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