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Stilettos Or Block Heels: The Eternal Dilemma!

Stilettos Or Block Heels: The Eternal Dilemma!

You’re in this dream. Its perfect. Ah. The shoe store. The high heels, the mules! Wow. Then you see them! There, in the corner, on the shelf! The perfect row of shoes! And you’re about to grab them both. But wait. No. You cant! You’re only allowed one! The stiletto or the Block heel! Which will it be? How are you expected to pick one over the other! What a stressful situation!

Stilettos, be it boots, sandals, or pumps can literally make any outfit look incredibly stylish, sexy, gorgeous as if you put so much effort into your look, when actually all you have on is a pair of jeans and some plain tee.

Truth is a block heel boot is so sophisticated and trendy in a very retro cool kinda way it’s impossible to resist. And they are the definition of comfort. And style. And they look great with everything!

We’re so confused, we’re going to let you pick! Scroll below for some of the classiest stilettos and the chunkiest blocks in the corner! Let us know your pick – The BLOCK or the Stiletto!

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