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Silver, Gold or Tan? What’s Your Pick?

Silver, Gold or Tan? What’s Your Pick?

Fashion is what you have. Style is what you do with it! We craft the shoes, but you put the look together!

The wonderful thing about platform shoes for women's is that there are multiple ways to style them! No matter the color, these shoes are so versatile and easy to style! They are not only comfortable to wear through the day but are a total eye candy! We customized our ever so popular derby platforms for two lovely bloggers! They are both so wonderfully unique in their tastes and styles; we couldn’t wait to see how they styled our derby platform shoes!

Stand out in the crowd in Metallic silver platform shoes with Ishna Rawlani. Standing tall in a 3 inch high platform, she paired these beauties with a striped jumpsuit.

Anushka opted for a tan textured shade in these platforms with a 2 inch heel height. She paired these derby platforms with a lovely knee length white dress! The contrasting colours make this outfit just perfect for a casual day out!

What color do you like best for these derby platforms? Let us know in the comments below!

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