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Our Everyday Shoes

Our Everyday Shoes

Yes! You’re busy! We love that about you! You’re independent, love your job, hustle around town and make all the pieces fit! You don’t have the time for heels and we don’t blame you! Hustle baby, because we’ve got your shoe needs covered! Our top 3 picks for your everyday shoes:

1. Comfortably chic :

Comfort matters. We understand. Slip into these tie-up sling back sandals. A peep-toe gives your feet the much need space to breathe. The soft rubber sole gives your heel just the support it needs! A lovely brown shaded texture so versatile, you can pair them up with almost any outfit!

Shop this shoe here - Val Flat Sling Back Brown Flat Shoes

2. Brighten up those BLUE days :

You may be busy, but you will be on trend. Brighten up those dull days with a bright blue sandal. A stunning patterned blue and brown T-bar sandal with a side buckle. Just the support your feet need to take you through the day!

Shop this shoe here - Imani Blue And Brown T-Bar Flat Sandals

3. Slippon Beauties :

Running a bit late? Slip into these gorgeous dark brown pointe toe mule flats. Ease of wear and foam padding gives you all the comfort you need! Pair these beauties with everyday cotton trousers and you’re ready to go! Feeling a bit creative? Add a lace bow through the hoops!

Shop this shoe here - Roxy Brown Flat Mules Slip On

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