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It's Stud Love, Baby!

It's Stud Love, Baby!

We’re obsessed with studs! That’s right! We said it! We accept it! Give us a choice and we’ll probably add them to every shoe! Are you a stud lover too? Here are some of our favorite pairs!

1. Soft studs :

Simplistic 2 inch cross-strapped heels with rows of gold studs. Easy to wear and super comfortable. Those gold studs just add something extra, don’t they?

Shop this shoe here - Kiki White Slip On Heels

2. Formal vixen :

Gorgeous round toe court shoes with block heels. What makes them so unique are the lines of gold pointe studs! Classy in the front and just sexy from the back!

Shop this shoe here - Noir Court Heels With Studs

3. Strappy studs :

Stunning flat beige sandals with rows of gold pointe studs. A must have shoe in your closet. Pair these beauties with shorts and let the studs stand out!

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