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We make our shoes using UK sizes. Please check against the conversion chart to find your perfect size before placing an order. 


Do you know your shoe size?

  1. Take an A4 Size blank sheet of paper.
  2. Place it on the floor, and keep either your right or left foot on top.
  3. Take a pen and draw around your foot.
  4. Use a ruler or a measuring tape and measure the length from the tip of your foot to your heel in centimetres. To measure the width, use the ruler to measure the widest part near your toes.
  5. Use the size chart and based on your foot length in CMs find your correct shoe size and order away!


Can’t find your shoe size?

If you have a shoe size that is either smaller of larger than the sizes mentioned in the size guide, you can customise your shoes with us!

We can make shoes from sizes UK 2 to UK 10, cater to different widths, material & design requirements and make sure we get the fit right!


What if the shoes don’t fit?

If you order a shoe from our collection, we would be happy to replace it with the correct size. See returns policy

For custom orders, sizing can be tricky! However, if your shoe doesn’t fit, we will remake them for free! You wont be disappointed!


The size chart is incorrect!

Unfortunately, there is no universal size chart available and thus the sizing can sometimes differ between two brands. The simplest way to ensure you order your size is to follow the size chart given. You can measure your foot as per the guidelines and place an order.


I have very narrow/wide feet

We are sure you face a lot of difficulty finding that perfect pair! The shoe is either too loose from the front or too tight!

Not to fret! We can customise shoes for you specially. All you need to do is craft your shoe and mention your width in the ‘additional information’ tab. The width in this case refers to the widest part of your foot, just below your toes.

Please refer to the ‘Know your shoe size’ guide and place your order with us!

Place your order – Craft your shoe


I need shoes of different sizes!

We are more than happy to make you shoes in different sizes! When you place an order, all you need to do is mention these details (E.G.: right foot is smaller than the left by 1 CM) in the ‘Additional info’ box and hit ‘send’.

Place your order – Craft your shoes