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Refund Policy


We at PAIO believe our shoes are crafted to meet the best possible requirements of our customers.


However, we are not perfect, and do get our shoes wrong at times!

In such unfortunate cases, we would most certainly offer a complete refund to our customers.


A refund will be offered under these following circumstances –

  1. Product received has been damaged entirely
  2. PAIO despite an attempt was not able to fix the shoe in question
  3. PAIO was not able to meet the timeline for delivery (20 working days)


Should we fail to meet ALL of the above criteria, you would be eligible for a refund on the shoe.  Please do get in touch on and send across your query. Our team will get in touch with you on a priority bases and ensure the needful.

Once a refund has been initiated, you will recieve the amount in your account within the next 24-48 hours via a NEFT transfer.

Please note: All refunds would be conducted via NEFT Bank Transfers. No refund will be given in the form of cash or cheque.