Platform shoes are perhaps the most versatile shoes that we have today. The shoes have a flat heel for those who need a bit of extra height without the discomfort of heels. Platform shoes are extremely comfortable, stylish and unusual. Platform shoes for women have been in great demand for quite some time and they have evolved, keeping up with the latest trends and styles. Platform sandals for women can be styled in a number of ways and that is what makes them so versatile. They look equally good with both western and traditional outfits and are available in a variety of colors and patterns. The same pair might be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. If you are not sure about which style suits you, then it is always a good idea to try out a few options. We at PAIO love customizing women’s platform shoes in a variety of styles, colors and materials. We love oxford platforms shoes best! They are classy, closed toed and uncommon! If you want your fix, and would love to buy platform shoes, head over to - craft your shoes and customize your pair!