Most women today cite ones of the reasons they prefer flat shoes is because they are too tall! We know you love those heels, however, it’s just difficult at times to get your size! So here is a tall girl’s guide to buying the right shoes! To some they come across as plain boring and monotonous and yet flats are perhaps the best shoes when it comes to everyday footwear. From working to running, the best option is to find a pair of funky ballet flats or sandals that can keep up with your hectic days! 1. Since many of you have long and wide feet, buying closed toe shoes can be a hassle. So our suggestion is to customize them! 2. If you’d rather pick up shoes ASAP, go for open-toe or backless styles, as this adds a millimeter or two! 3. Don’t be ashamed to love men’s shoes! They are gorgeous and can simply make you stand out! 4. Don’t miss out on wearing heels! While you may not be a fan of three-inch stilettoes, you can definitely opt for lovely court shoes in one-inch block heels. A little height changes your posture and generally adds grace when walking! 5. Since your go-to shoes would be flats, make sure you have a pair of each of these! Oxford shoes, cut out-oxfords, ballet flats, sandals, strappy sandals, peep-toe ballet, mule shoes and maybe a pair of one-inch court shoes!