Every girl wishes to have a wardrobe with unlimited shoes to go with every outfit. While for most budgets are an issue, some wont mind shelling out for that perfect pair. However, with mass production, no such thing like a unique pair exists. When is when you simply customize After all, every girl dreams of having an exclusive pair for herself and PAIO gives you and every woman this opportunity by letting you design your own shoes. Preferences differ from woman to woman but some things remain constant- for example, the love for super high heels. They are a must for your wardrobe and the go to pair to stand out at a party. The higher the heel, the greater is the attitude and this is one equation that has, and will never, change. On the other hand, there are those who prefer comfort to heels. Everyday chores can’t be accomplished in towering heels. It is a common misconception that flats would inevitably mean monotony, when in reality there are so many cute ballerinas and funky sandals to choose from, that can really bring out the fun side of one’s personality. You cannot only find your pair at PAIO, but you may also design your own shoes. So put on your thinking caps and start crafting your dream pair today!