When it comes to shoes, we simply cannot have enough! However, if there is one style of shoe that is versatile for every occasion, then it is the oxford shoe. It is chic and can be worn throughout the day be it office meetings or an evening dinner. We have a great collection of women’s oxford shoes to suit every taste and styles that you can customize too! The best thing about oxford heels is that they grip your feet in a way other shoes don’t! They are uber comfortable and classy! With PAIO, you can customize your heel height and also choose the heel type be it a stiletto heel or a block heel! One can also buy white oxford shoes for formal occasions, or in other somber colors like black or browns. Go for printed oxfords for a casual fun day out with your friends! Another style extremely popular is the derby shoes. As the very name suggests, the shoes are as classy and usually worn to a derby race! Every woman should have a pair of derby shoes in her closet. PAIO has different types of oxford and derby shoe designs! However, its best to customize your shoes using our new 3D interface and craft a unique shoe just for you!