While most shoes available in stores are made in standard sizes, it is not uncommon to see that some people have difficulty in finding the perfect fit because their shoe size falls somewhere in between. That means that either they have to settle for a size smaller, which cramps the toes, or larger- which poses great difficulty in walking as the shoe keeps slipping away. However, this problem can be easily fixed if only one goes the extra step forward and orders customized shoes. At PAIO, it is a top priority to help the customers find the right fit so that they can walk in style. The fir of a particular shoe changes as per the shoe shape. If you wear pointed 4-inch pumps, it is possible you would opt for a bigger size as the pumps leave less breathing space for your toes. You may find that while the shoe size may fit, the width of the standard pair may be too narrow or even too wide. Such alternations are not possible with ready-to-wear shoes. We however, take all these measurements into account. ALL PAIO custom shoes are crafted keeping in mind your foot length and width. We guide you with respect to style and shape best suited for your feet and occasion. You also have the flexibility to choose your shoe colour from a wide variety of materials available. Its your shoe, and you can design it from start to finish, getting that perfect grip and fit.