When it comes to shoes, a lady cannot have too many of them. With so many new styles and heels, we at PAIO help you keep your best foot forward. Any style or cut, any fabric or material that you might have a preference for is always available. Shoes are complex – they are an extension of your personality. The right shoes with the right the right outfit make all the difference. Day wear – Wedges in neutral tones are best for daily wear. They go well with almost all outfits from jeans to formal office wear. Flat shoes too are great, however when at work, it is preferable to wear closed toe shoes. Day to night – If you are comfortable in heels, peep-toe wedges are best to take you out of the office directly for a dinner meet. At PAIO, you can simply order your shoes online on our website – www.paio.co. There are wide range of international designs to be chosen from the online store and they can also be made precisely according to one’s size. It is our top priority to give our customers the best possible shoes, stylish yet comfortable without leaving a hole in your pockets.